Good Lawyers Know The Law

Great Lawyers KNOW THE JURY

Great Lawyers Are Masters of Voir Dire.

These lawyers have depended on & perfected, well-crafted and insightful questions designed to reveal the persona of a potential juror. We have created the ultimate service that can give you an enormous ‘Trial Advantage’.

You Will Know Everything. You Need to Know Such As…

  • Political Affiliation
  • What Kind of Car They Drive
  • Occupation
  • Whether They Rent or Own
  • Their General Financial Condition

This Service Provides TWO Purposes

Help you identify jurors who may be sympathetic to your case.

More importantly, it will enable you to know in advance, potential jurors in front of whom you cannot try your case.

You watch the witness, You watch the judge, You watch your client we watch the jury

Every Nod, every smile, every raised eyebrow documented and reported all day every day. Don’t miss the signal that could decide your case.

We will provide you with an extra set of educated eyes and ears in the Courtroom. While you do what you do, we’re watching every move the jury makes, every eye roll, every shake of the head, every smile and every frown. We’re constantly assessing when you are ‘scoring’ and when you aren’t. We’re feeding information to your staff via text. We’re watching your opposing council & their staff… constantly scanning the courtroom for any tiny clue as to how we’re doing. We’re available to you as much or as little as you’d Like … During breaks, lunch, after court and evenings. At the end of each day, We provide you with a report and an assessment of that day’s activities.

Finally, These Essential Services Are Affordable. Independently These Services Give You The Informational Advantage For Your Client. Combined You Get THE TOTAL TRIAL ADVANTAGE.

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More Information